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  Shenyang Gotiar Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in early 2005 with the registered capital of RMB 8 million. Gotiar specialized engages in the aircraft components sub-contract of international and domestic with the focus of aircraft components manufacturing, which is a high and new tech enterprise with advanced manufacturing technology and growth potential .

  Gotiar is located on No.28 Zhengliang 2#Road, Daoyi Development Zone, Shenbei New District, Shenyang with a total staff of 140, of which 30% are Bachelor Degree.  After years of development, Gotiar has achieved great achievement and good reputation in aviation parts manufacturing industry, the sales revenue increase per 21% rate annually from 2007 company.

  Gotiar has passed ISO9001:2000 and AS/EN/JISQ9100B quality system certification successively.

  Gotiar has advanced machining production line. There are totally fourteen 3-aixs and 5-axis NC machines, one 3-aixs CMM, which can provide appr.104,720 hours CNC manufacturing capacity annually. Gotiar also have sets of conventional equipments except for CNC equipment, such as conventional milling machines and lathes etc., which can provide about appr.33,264 hours manufacturing capacity annually.

  In order to enter into international civil aircraft market, Gotiar invested a huge sum of money to bulid the special process production lines which are commonly used in the world (including NDT Production Line, Anodizing Production Line, Painting Production Line, Shot Peen Production Line,Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment and related laboratory),sheet metal production line and assembly line have the manufacturing capacity to undertake foreign first-class civil aircraft components.At present, Gotiar’s all special processes have passed NADCAP certification.

  On 16th Oct. 2009, Gotiar together withsigned the agreement of the sub-contracted production contract for ATR42/72 entry door and service door project with Italian Alenia company , the signature of this contract marked Gotiar has made a critical step in international aviation subcontract field. The cooperation between Gotiar andsubstantially increased Gotiar’s competition ability in the international civil aircraft subcontract field.

  Gotiar would like to cooperate with the same industry companies international and domestic, to cooperate actively, develop hand in hand and create a bright future.

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